For information on up coming events, type “Dawg House News Letter”  in the search box.  After you get to that page, click on the blue title “Dawg House News Letter”.  Once you are on the page, click on “dawg-house-news-10”.   I am working on inserting a direct link to this page but thought every one might want to check out the news now.  It may take me a while to achieve my goal.

HPHP is an all-volunteer organization. There are no salaries or compensations.

What do the donations provide?
Utilities: electricity, water, gas phone, internet, home insurance
Nursing Homes: We provide special occasion celebrations: National Ice Cream Month, Halloween, and birthdays The budget also includes helping individual residents who might have special needs. We help provide items for the Country Stores.
R.E.A.D. Our literacy budget is $5000+. We provide books, bookmarks, stickers, incentives to participate in the program. HPHP also provides supplies for the classrooms.


Below is a link to our Paypal account.



We have our first reservation for a private event. If you are thinking of hosting a small party or a presentation and need space at a convenient location, please contact Diane Carpenter at huntsvillephp@yahoo.com for more information and details.



Please check out our Facebook page, Huntsville Pets Helping People.


United Way



Please Read: Why Do We Need YOUR Support?

Huntsville Pets Helping People (HPHP)
501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation

Paws 4 Love/hphp our chapter which serves Liberty/Dayton area

Intermountain Therapy Animals Affiliate
READ [Reading Education Assistance Dogs] Affiliate

More information available on About Us page

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